What is IVA offering you:

  • Representation at the annual general meetings<
  • Support in case of judicial and extrajudicial disputes
  • Exertion of influence on legal framework
  • Contributions to raise the shareholder culture
  • Information events
A full membership offers you:
  • Voting right at the IVA general meeting
  • Right to act as part of IVA
  • Membership fee:
300 EUR/year for individuals
3.000 EUR/year for institutions, companies
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If you subscribe the “Börsen-Kurier” you will become an extraordinary member without having to pay a membership fee. If you want to use the services of IVA please provide evidence of your subscription of "Börsen-Kurier". "Börsen-Kurier" represents the interests of extraordinary members at the IVA general meeting.
>>> please proceed to the subscription form of "Börsen-Kurier"
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