The IVA-DAVID is an award assigned annually to that company or person showing a significant contribution to promote the capital market culture. ­

Award winners to date:

... for its constructive relationship with private investors at the general meeting.
... for engaging in investor relations.
... for the fair treatment of Böhler-Uddeholm shareholders at the time of squeeze out.
... for the efforts to enable shareholders from Vienna and Styria to participate in the general meeting.
... for the shareholder-friendly dividend policy.

Dr. Günter Geyer
... for his shareholder-friendly commitment.

... for the promotion of proxy voting to increase the number of votes at the general meetings.
... for the successful turnaround.
... for the clear commitment to a shareholder-friendly dividend policy.
... for the roadshows for private investors.

Christian Drastil
... for the comprehensive information published in "Börse Express".
... for organizing roadshows for private investors.
... for giving impetus to improve the relation between investors and companies.

Kid Möchel
... for the competent and committed media coverage on the “dark sides” of the capital markets: filing of lawsuits, pending lawsuits, court decisions, complaints by investors and discrimination of private investors.

AT&S Austria Technologie und Systemtechnik AG
... for the exemplary investor relations work.
... for the leading role in neutral proxy voting.
... for the constructive discussions at the general meeting even in case of delicate and uncomfortable questions.

Dr. Alexander Proschofsky
... for representing private investors at several squeeze-out-procedures. ... for speaking and acting actively and critically in the case of Meinl International Power and Meinl International Airport.

Zumtobel AG
... for its professional and exemplary investor-relations work and for the shareholder meeting at Arsenal on September 18, 2007.

RA Dr. Maria Brandstetter
... for her achievements in the matter of investor protection at the constitutional court.

Rupert-Heinrich Staller
... for his commitment enabling AUA private investors to receive a bonus of 10 or 5 per cent for the subscription of new shares. … for his commitment for a fair solution for all shareholders at the squeeze-outs of Constantia Iso, Generali, Steirerobst, Readymix-Kiesunion and Steyr Daimler Puch.

Prof. Dr. Konrad Fuchs
... for his significant contribution to improve the reputation of Vienna stock market.

Generali Holding Vienna AG
... for the successfull efforts to establish a constructive relationship to the private investors and for the competent response to requests and question from the shareholders.

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